GAME, the UK equivalent to Gamestop in the US, just become the first major retailer to accept pre-orders on used games. The WTF thing about it really is that they are going to accept the order on games that are not out yet. If that won’t be enough to piss of the developers, the used game will be up to £21 (~$34 US) cheaper than new retail price.

This is still considered a trial run so there are not many games that they will accept such a pre-order on. The full list of games in the trial are:

* Dragon Age II
* Homefront
* Fight Night Champion
* WWE All-Stars
* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters
* Shift II Unleashed
* Virtua Tennis 4
* Crysis 2

The games will be released to customers at a minimum of 1 week after launch, with a max time of whenever they get a copy in.

I don’t think it will affect the rate of New vs. Used sales. I know the developers will bitch about this, but this has been going on for years in the small shops. I would hope that if successful that developers would realize that people don’t think $60 is a good price for a game. What will more likely happen is more Project $10 and soon to be announced Project £21 (~$34 US). :p

But seriously. Do you think this will harm new game sales or will this only affect those who bought used anyway? Are you gonna start pre-ordering used?

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  • To be honest, if this was over in the United States I might do it on games that I am on the fence about, instead of buying a game for 60$ hating it and then returning or trading it in. It would help me a great deal with that. Besides that I think that is really all I would use it for.

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