XSEED Games recently released a new set of screenshots and a trailer for Unchained Blades, an upcoming dungeon crawler with turn-based battle. This new title from XSEED is slated to release this year for the PSP and 3DS.

Unchained Blades tells the story of Fang, a narcissistic dragon who seeks the ultimate opponent. To this end, he approaches the Goddess Clunea in the sky, demanding to know the name of the strongest creature in the world. The Goddess is offended by Fang’s boldness, and she revokes his dragon powers, sending him back to the surface. Fang wants to return to have his revenge upon the Goddess, but in his weakened state, he cannot do it alone. Fang never needed friends as a dragon, but now he teams up with others who seek the Goddess so he can reach the sky again.

You can view the trailer and screenshots for Unchained Blades below. Are you looking forward to this handheld dungeon crawler? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Mario Flores

    Fang, or at least I think that’s him… the guy in the first image. He reminds me of Ragna the Bloodegde…
    I am looking forward to this though.

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