The English translation's dust jacket
The English translation's dust jacket

Through their Twitter feed, Yen Press announced that they will be distributing dust jackets featuring the original Japanese cover art to some online retailers with the first novel of Spice and Wolf. Yen Press’s website announcement offered further detail: the jackets will be sent to participating online distributors as a flat, uncreased sheet and are to offer them at no additional cost to people buying the novel. Yen Press began discussing the idea to offer the original art thanks to feedback from fans, and fortunately, they were able to put together a solution before the novel’s launch, an impressive display of listening to their customer base. I applaud them for their quick work.

So far, the only online retailer that I have seen mention the dust jackets is Via their twitter feed, they announced that they have taken Yen Press up on their offer, but had no further details at the time. I have contacted Yen Press for a list of participating retailers, and will update this article as soon as I found out more.

The Japanese art cover will be available at certain retailers
The Japanese art cover will be available at certain retailers
The first volume of the Spice and Wolf is scheduled for debut on December 15th with the second novel on pace for release in June of 2010 according to Yen Press’s website. I suspect that they will consider offering the Japanese art covers for all future releases as well, thanks to the response from fans on volume 1.

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  • Ralph

    About god damn time. I still would have liked an original book cover instead of just a dust jacket to go over the hideous one they are giving us but I suppose this should do. Hopefully they will learn their lesson for volume 2.

  • I can appreciate how you two (and other fans) feel about this, but do at least give them credit for trying to fix it. I think you’re right, though, Ralph. They’ve probably taken heed of what happened with this volume and apply it to volume 2, but I don’t have official word on that…yet.

  • Fail

    Sorry Dan, they failed.

    Re-posting how I feel everywhere.

    Yen Press are a sadly, laughable group of individuals. They continue to make horrible decisions. Relying on them is like keeping a bad girlfriend. She tells you she is gonna do things, but then doesn’t. She lies about caring about you. She only cares about what she is doing at that moment, and can’t be bothered to actually do what needs to be done.

    To be blunt. This website( got a about a 500% increase in comments, deleted comments, and general traffic during the height of this debacle. And they did nothing. LOL, one online retailer sent out covers, is nothing. They either never cared, or froze up like the guy that dies first on the battlefield. Weeks after the book has been released, and still no word from Hassler about more places to get a cover, even though he said he would update the list(lol, not likely huh?). You have failed to release a download-able/printable version of the cover, even after I, and others have posted links to one, here, in this very comment section. By the way Hassler(I once felt bad for you), saying “we simply aren’t set up with a direct-to-consumer infrastructure.”, only means that Yen Press isn’t going
    to do anything. Way to be a company echo.

    To sum it all up. I believe Yen Press has failed to bring fans an acceptable product(proven by the sheer amount of people who agree). And have failed to make amends(People are still angry, and still talk about it on internet forums). So I have no sympathy for them. I hope they fail.

  • @Fail

    Thanks for writing in, and for the most part, I agree. I too, was kind of disappointed by how the whole situation was handled in the end. I wrote them directly and asked whether other retailers were going to be able to offer the covers, hoping that I could help spread information for them, but I never received any response.

    I’m writing up my review of the light novel right now. I’m happy that non-Japanese speakers are getting the chance to own the light novels, but they definitely could have been handled better.

    You may be right with your “bad girlfriend” analogy, but I’m willing to give them one more chance on volume two. Of course, I’ve always had trouble knowing when to cut my losses, too.

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