If you’re looking forward to a non-Japanese version of the smash hit Dragon Quest IX, you’ll be waiting a while. SiliconEra reports that during a Q&A session, Yoichi Wada stated that they are merely “considering” bringing DQIX stateside, and that it wouldn’t happen before April of 2010 at the earliest. After selling over 3.5 million copies of the newest incarnation of their beloved franchise, one would think that Square Enix would be champing at the bit to send it worldwide. Apparently they are skeptical about the reception outside of Japan, and maybe it is warranted, considering the sales of DQIV and DQV’s DS re-releases. In Japan, they sold about 1.2 million copies apiece, while the combined North American and Europe numbers were about 260,000 and 130,000 respectively.  While I’m sure they will end up bringing it stateside eventually, I wish they would hurry it up.

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