Your ShapeTM: Fitness Evolved, is a fitness game for kinect. You’ll control the game intuitively with your voice and body. As you exercise, you’ll receive specific feedback on your every move, thanks to the game’s real-time tracking system. Plus, you’ll interact with captivating visual effects that respond to your movement and impact.


  • Player Projection Technology Puts You Inside the Game.
  • Your Shape Fitness Evolved tracks over 1 MILLION dots on your body. That means better tracking, no lag, and 100% player engagement.
  • Choose how you want to play – do you want a personal trainer to help you meet your specific fitness goals? Or do you want to take a class such as Yoga, Martial Arts, or Tai Chi?
  • Fun mini-games like dancing, target practice and more!
  • As you master the fitness moves, the game responds with fun and surprising visuals that match your movement and impact. The better you perform, the more you are rewarded with interactive effects such as paint, water, light, fire, confetti, and more.
  • The Feedback System will give you precise feedback on your every body part as you follow your coach’s instructions. Not only that, but the game will help you correct your form by adding guidelines to the screen so you know exactly where your arm or leg should be placed and you can see it in real-time.
  • Your Shape features workout classes from well-known fitness experts. Michael George, who has trained celebrities including Reese Witherspoon and P.Diddy, leads a Martial Arts class.   Michelle Bridges, trainer for all 5 seasons on Australia’s “The Biggest Loser”, teaches a special weight loss class.
  • The game keeps track of your stats, such as calories and scores. All of your stats are uploaded seamlessly online and can be shared with friends and family as chalenges.
  • The game comes with hundreds of exercises; plus, there will be regular downloadable content releases
  • Challenge Friends using Xbox LIVE® Multiplayer

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