This just might be the best news I hear today. Facebook has decided to institute a “credits” scheme for game purchases on the site. So when you want to get ahead in your farmville game instead of purchasing upgrades directly with your credit card you will purchases Facebook Credits. These credits will then be used to buy in-game merchandise, with Facebook taking a 30% cut of the sale.

Zynga was already upset by a change in Facebook’s rules earlier this week that put a ban on applications being able to send notifications to users. This had caused a significant drop in game player numbers. Those with insider knowledge are saying that Facebook is ready to “evict” Zynga and all it’s applications (Farmville, Mafia Wars, Fishville, Cafe World) from Facebook if they will not comply with the new credits rule. Those same insiders say that Zynga is contemplating starting a rival social networking site.

All I can say is good riddance to Zynga. I’m fine with people playing your games if they want but you spammed my news feed with useless “Send me a Gun, Fish, Crop” messages way to often.

And hey if they do start up a rival site that could mean good things all around as competition is supposed to be good for the consumer.

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